College Transition and Retention Coordinator

Missouri College Advising Corps mission is to Empower Missouri Students to Go to College and Succeed - the succeed language depicts our commitment to our advisees' successful transition to college and persistence for completion, particularly through the critical first year.
As part of the retention and completion strategic goal, the Missouri College Advising Corps has a full-time College Transition and Retention Coordinator who:
  1. Assists our college advising program component in preparing our advisees during their senior year of high school and by providing advisees the knowledge and tools to make a successful transition to and persist in college.
  2. Provides support and guidance to our advisees entering the freshman year of college and ensures that they are aware of and utilizing campus support services for their continued success in college.
  3. Facilitates and oversees the College Connections Center that combats summer melt in Kansas City. The College Connections Center provides FREE one-on-one advising over the summer to any college-bound students and their families going to ANY COLLEGE in the fall. Counselors at the Center are trained to advise students on all processes related to college planning, admissions, and financing.
    • The College Connections Center is specifically designed to assist students who may otherwise fall victim to "summer melt", the phenomenon that up to 40% of students who are college-bound upon high school graduation do not actually enroll in college in fall.
    • Students receiving advisement during the summer between high school and college are projected to enroll in college at a rate of 5% to 14% greater than those not receiving advisement during summer.

Since Missouri College Advising Corps added the transition and retention component in July 2013, the coordinator has worked with college freshman enrolled in MCAC partner schools at University of Central Missouri, University of Missouri (MU), Missouri University of Science and Technology, and Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley.

Reneé Henderson

Reneé Henderson is from Hillsboro, Missouri and a December 2009 graduate of Truman State University. Renee earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, and is currently working toward a Master's of Science in Data Science and Analytics from the University of Missouri (MU). She previously worked with the Admissions and Outreach Department at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri for over two years, where she helped to create curriculum to educate high school students about college culture. Reneé joined MCAC as the College Transition and Retention Coordinator in February of 2017 and she truly believes she has found her passion by helping underrepresented students achieve their college ambitions as she was the first person in her family to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Reneé also loves cooking, outer space and language - currently she is working on becoming fluent in Spanish.

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