About MCAC

The Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC), headquartered at the University of Missouri-Columbia, addresses the problem that too few low-income, underrepresented Missouri students – particularly students of color, students from low-income backgrounds, and students from rural communities – aspire to and attain a postsecondary education. MCAC addresses this by recruiting, intensively training, and placing recent college graduates as full-time, near-peer college advisers in partner high schools across the state that have low college enrollment rates and high percentages of low-income and underrepresented students at risk of not pursuing a postsecondary education due to systemic academic, financial, and information barriers. Now in its 14th year of operations, MCAC serves 43 partner schools across the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Southern regions of the state.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Missouri College Advising Corps is to Empower Missouri Students to Go to College and Succeed. The overarching goals of MCAC are to:

  1. Help students and their families see college completion as an attainable goal;
  2. Provide students and their families information about and assistance with college admissions, financial aid, and planning processes;
  3. Increase college enrollment among students in partner schools, particularly among underrepresented, low-income, and prospective first-generation college students; and
  4. Provide students with the knowledge and tools to persist through and graduate from college thereby increasing their chances of a better economic future.

Core Values

The following core values guide our service to students and families, partner schools, and each other:

  1. Support and Collaboration
  2. Passion and Commitment
  3. Integrity and Professionalism
  4. Efficiency and Effectiveness

What We Do

As full-time AmeriCorps members, MCAC college advisers serve a minimum of 1,700 hours each year directly working with students and their families to access and prepare for post-secondary success. For this service, each adviser is tasked with completing a set of 15 service deliverables – specific tasks premised on what research demonstrates encourages students, particularly first-generation college students, to enroll and succeed in college. These data-driven deliverables include one-on-one advising with all seniors and juniors to help them identify a “best fit” postsecondary option and institution; facilitating college exposure activities; implementing a variety of workshops designed to educate and assist with college applications, financial aid, test preparation, etc.; as well as other activities designed to promote a college-going culture at each school.

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