For Donors

MCAC costs fall into three overarching areas:

  1. College adviser compensation and benefits
  2. Programming support for activities demonstrated to increase college enrollment rates
  3. Operational support for overall program operations and adviser support, supervision, and professional development

Average cost of a college adviser – $48,000

Compensation (living allowance, educational award, health insurance); programming budget, and unit of cost of overall program operations (training and development, supervision, evaluation, and administrative support). MCAC seeks new sources of funding to enable us to sustain the program in currently served schools and expand the program to additional schools.

  • Show/Hide$250 level
    • College planning workshop (college planning, financial aid, financial literacy)
    • Scholarship application workshop
    • ACT preparation workshop
    • FAFSA Frenzy event
  • Show/Hide$500 level
    • Decision Day (celebration of all students going on to postsecondary education)
    • Emergency ACT/college application fees
    • Student/Parent College Academy
    • Transportation to ACT testing site
    • Transportation to FAFSA event
  • Show/Hide$750 level
    • Campus tour (transportation and lunch). NOTE: Tours can be named for the contributor (e.g., the Bank of America campus tour)
    • Cluster-based site supervisor orientation or mid-year meeting
  • Show/Hide$1,000 level
    • Collaborative campus tour among two or more high schools in Kansas City, St. Louis, or south central MO
    • Fund-development dinner, luncheon or breakfast

Leveraging gifts

Your gift may be leveraged by other grants or gifts, so please contact MCAC to learn about matching opportunities. For example, MCAC receives federal funds through AmeriCorps, providing the opportunity for gift and grant funds to be matched with the federal dollars.

To make a donation

To help empower more Missouri students go to college and succeed, you can make a gift by going to GiveDirect and putting “This gift is to be used in support of the Missouri College Advising Corps.”