Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Missouri College Advising Corps?

The Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC) is a postsecondary education access program designed to increase educational attainment among students in partner schools in urban and rural communities of the state with high percentages of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and students from low- to moderate-income households.

What do MCAC college advisers do?

MCAC college advisers are embedded in partner schools to collaborate with high school administrators and counselors to foster a college-going culture; meet one-on-one with seniors and juniors to help them identify their “best fit” postsecondary option; assist students and their families with complex college admissions, financial aid, and planning processes; and other activities that provide opportunities for students to explore postsecondary options and view a postsecondary education as an attainable goal.

MCAC is headquartered at Mizzou. Do I have to be a Mizzou graduate to serve as an adviser?

No; MCAC recruits graduating seniors and recent graduates from ANY institution.

Do I have to be an education major to serve as a college adviser?

No; MCAC welcomes ALL majors to apply.

What can I expect during the application process?

You will first submit an application with resume, cover letter, and contact information of 3 references through the Mizzou eRecruit system. You’ll then be contacted for an interview and notified of your selection shortly thereafter. An offer letter with a partner school assignment will be provided and you’ll be asked to confirm acceptance of the offer.

Does MCAC select my partner school placement for me?

Yes; MCAC will select your partner school based on your geographic preference and the alignment of your skills and experience with the partner school’s needs.

Does MCAC provide housing or cover relocation expenses?

No; MCAC does not provide housing or cover relocation expenses. However, we have second-year advisers and a network of alumni who can provide recommendations for where to live.

Do I need to know about college admissions or financial aid beforehand?

No; MCAC will provide you with intensive pre-service and ongoing (monthly) training to build your knowledge and skills to carry out the adviser role. We’ll also provide professional development opportunities to prepare you for life after the corps.

How much travel will I be required to do?

Travel mostly occurs for training and professional development events. Most trainings are within your regional cluster with the exception of two corps-wide trainings at Mizzou in September and February. There may also be a national College Advising Corps convening out-of-state. Travel (transportation, meals, and lodging) are covered by MCAC.

When and how long will I serve as a college adviser?

You are expected to participate in summer pre-service training in July. You will then be enrolled in an AmeriCorps term of service from August – June during which you’ll complete 1700 hours, most of which is served during the school year (varies based on school). If you complete the 1700 hours by the end of May and the school year has ended, you will be asked to serve 1 hour in June to be eligible for the full June stipend. If you are returning for a second year, you may generally have June off until we reconvene in July. (Note that advisers can serve up to 2 years with the program.)

What benefits do I receive as a college adviser?

Advisers dually serve as AmeriCorps members and, as such, receive a monthly living stipend in addition to healthcare and childcare coverage (if eligible), loan forbearance and interest accrual payments (on qualified student loans), and an education award upon successful completion of the term of service (to be used for graduate school or to repay qualified student loans; you can earn up to two education awards). Additionally, you will receive personal and professional development and build an extensive network of MCAC, CAC, and AmeriCorps alumni.