Our Program

The Need

The average counselor-to-student ratio in Missouri is 1:347, which leaves school counselors with limited capacity to provide individualized college and career advising to students. High school students need support with learning the variety of postsecondary opportunities available to them as well as navigating the terminology and complexities of college admissions, financial aid, and planning processes. This is especially critical for students from low-income backgrounds who are 1.8 times less likely to complete college than their higher income peers. Embedding a well-trained, full-time college adviser to build the capacity of school counselors helps increase the likelihood of students pursuing postsecondary education. 

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Missouri College Advising Corps is to Empower Missouri Students to Go to College and Succeed.

The overarching goals of MCAC are to:

  1. Help students and their families see college completion as an attainable goal;
  2. Provide students and their families information about and assistance with college admissions, financial aid, and planning processes;
  3. Increase college enrollment among students in partner schools, and
  4. Provide students with the knowledge and tools to persist and graduate from college.

Core Values

Support and Collaboration

Passion and Commitment

Integrity and Professionalism

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Nondiscrimination Statement 

The Missouri College Advising Corps is available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, disability status, sex, gender identity, political affiliation, religion, or any other characteristic protected by law.