College Connections Center

As part of our retention and completion strategic goal, the Missouri College Advising Corps has a full–time College Transition and Retention Coordinator who:

  1. Assists our college advising program component with preparing advisees during their senior year of high school for a smooth and successful transition into college;
  2. Provides support and guidance to our advisees entering the freshman year of college and ensures that they are aware of and utilizing campus support services for their continued success in college; and
  3. Facilitates and oversees the College Connections Center that combats summer melt in the Kansas City Metro Area and offers support to college-bound advisees from our partner schools across the state.

The College Connections Center (CCC) provides FREE one-on-one advising over the summer months to ANY COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENT and their families going to ANY COLLEGE in the fall. The CCC is staff by the MCAC College Transition and Retention Coordinator and seasoned MCAC college advisers who are trained to advise students on college admissions, financial aid, and planning processes. The CCC has been a great help to those who may otherwise have fallen victim to “summer melt”, the phenomenon that up to 40 percent of students who are college-bound upon high school graduation do not actually enroll in college in the fall. Students end up not enrolling on their selected campus for many reasons, most often due to financial burdens. Based on the experiences of model summer transition programs in Boston, Massachusetts; Fulton County, Georgia; and Providence, Rhode Island, students receiving advisement during the summer between high school and college are projected to enroll in college at a rate of 5–14 percent greater than those not receiving advisement during summer.

Since the inception of the CCC in 2014, we have helped hundreds of students achieve their collegiate goals. We have expanded our purpose to provide ongoing support to students – not just as they transition to college – but also through their freshman and sophomore year.

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